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Mysterious “Blobtober”

Before I realized that Inktober was a thing that had a set lists of prompts, I called this project Inktober. In reality, it was just a month that I did a drawing everyday that only involved ink. What I used as a theme for this October in 2018 was transforming wood-grain and old wall glue patterns I found in my basement while remodeling into recognizable images. It was a fun project!

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Blob One

Blob Two

Blob Three

Blob Four

Blob Five

Blob Six

Blob Seven

Blob Eight

Blob Nine

Blob Ten

Blob Eleven

Blob Twelve

Blob Thirteen

Blob Fourteen

Blob Fifteen

Blob Sixteen

Blob Seventeen

Blob Eighteen

Blob Nineteen

Blob Twenty

Wood-grain One

Wood-grain Two

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